Marvel Can Help You Realize Your Thermoelectric Cooling System Goals

Thermoelectric cooling systems present special advantages including:

  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Long Life
  • Silent

Manufacturing costs for thermoelectric cooling modules have, in recent years, decreased significantly creating renewed interest in large scale thermoelectric refrigeration. With proper engineering and attention to detail large scale thermoelectric systems can and do exhibit all of the advantages associated with solid-state devices. Key system design principles impacting large scale, long life thermoelectric cooling systems include:

  • Thermal expansion stress accommodation
  • Maintain modules under compression, never under tension
  • Heat transport and rejection
  • 'Poison'-free construction materials

Marvel Thermoelectrics has unique experience in large scale thermoelectric cooling applications including passenger railroad cars and submarines. If you or your company is considering a similar product, Mavel can help.

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